Not sure about how to ride safely within a group? Confused about cycling etiquette? We can help. Check out the videos below for helpful tips. Or, speak to one of your friendly and knowledgeable Ride Leaders on your next group ride.

How to Ride in a Paceline

The “social turns” technique, both double and single pacelines, will be used on most of our club rides. “Echelon” / “rolling turns” / “circular” pacelines will only be used on more advanced rides and when road conditions permit.

Proper Use of Verbal & Hand Signals

How to Climb

Crashing on a Bike. How to Avoid Accident & Injury

Advanced Technique – Double Circular Paceline

The double circular paceline technique (aka “echelon”, “rolling turns”, ” circular paceline”) demonstrated in this video below will only be used when rider levels and road conditions permit. Typically on faster Level A or A+ rides. If a Ride Leader mentions that the group will be using a “double paceline” technique, they are referring to the non-circular “social turns” technique demonstrated under “How to Ride in a Paceline”